Question: Do you ship worldwide?
Answer: Yes, we ship to every country!

Question: How can I pay?
Answer: We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American express.

Question: Are your bookmarks durable?
Answer: Yes, they are! If they fall down nothing will happen to them.

Question: What materials do you use?
Answer: Bookmarks are crafted using polymer clay, plastic, acrylic paint and varnish. The flat part is made of plastic. 

Question: I added an item to my cart and it says that delivery to my location is impossible
Answer: Please, check the item that you added to your cart. Bookmarks from the shop section Fulfilled by Amazon can be delivered only to USA address! Items from other sections can be shipped worldwide

Question: I'm from USA. I added 2 bookmarks to my cart. One from section Fulfilled by Amazon  and another from other section and it says that delivery to my location is impossible.
Answer: Place one order for items from Fulfilled by Amazon section and separate order for items in other sections that will be fulfilled from our Ukrainian stock.