About us

MyBookmark —  where fairytales come alive! 

Inspired by classic literature, pop culture, and everything in between, our bookmarks feature an eye-catching cast of characters. In some cases, the pocket-sized figures peer above the pages, offering compact companionship as you leaf through your book; other times, only their tiny feet are visible, inviting you to step inside your favorite story.

Each piece is handcrafted by one of 16 members of the MyBookmark team. Made out of polymer clay, painted in radiant acrylics, and polished with a varnish, the products are both delightful and durable, making them a dream come true for creative bookworms.

We have already sold over 80 000 handmade gifts to 90 countries around the world and we work everyday to make and ship your special gift right away - all over the world, having Etsy and Amazon shops for your convenience.

Also, we accept wholesale and custom orders.