Suit up your smartphone!

TOP 15 bookish wallpapers picked by MyBOOKmark team

Recently we noticed, that it’s really easier to start some big and serious changes from little insensible one. For example, to change your smartphone wallpaper - bet your current image quite palled. Have you thought, that a wallpaper on your gadget is seen dozens times a day, more often than any other image around you?

So it’s exactly the time to change it - let’s dress your home screen into smart casual ;)

Here are 15 bookish images, picked by our MyBOOKmark team specially for your phone. Enjoy!

1. Book tornado

2. Wallpaper as an advice for bloggers

3. Image matches perfectly with our bestseller - mybookmark Alice


4. Carpe librum instead of Carde diem

5. Whale made of tale

6.'s a bookish rebel here!

7. For both book and art lovers.

8. Of course, fans of quotes are not forgotten!

9. Simple painting - no words needed to catch the idea.

10. Happiness reminder right on your screen.

11. That's exactly what all of us need to do!

12. Minimalistic bookshelf in case you love simplicity.

13. For thinkers - break down barriers.

14. Graphic designers may like it.

15. And the last, but not the least - the most romantic wallpaper!

So now MyBOOKmark team has no reason to worry about our readers having boring phone wallpapers, right? :)


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