Dead Man Bookmark: contest for the best custom quote


New quote for the bookmark wanted - DEAD OR ALIVE!

Most of our bookmarks already have interesting bookish quotes on them - we are trying to make every single one special!

But booklovers are so creative, and it's really fun to make things together - with you and for you, so....


Become a part of MyBOOKmark project! We are looking for a new phrase for the Dead man bookmark! It’s placed on the metal part.

Winner will get this bookmark with own phrase first, moreover it will be on the others bookmarks of this model!

How it works:

• write your phrase in comments (only blog comments counts!)

• no matter - personal copyright or related quote

• become a winner and see your words on the bookmark, sold all over the world!


If we won't be able to choose one, there will be an open voting ;)

Don't hesitate, write down your phrase - let's make creative things together <3



And a little surprise!

Want to pre-order the creepiest bookmark with new phrase (that we'll pick in few days) ?

Use coupon code DEADorALIVE during checkout and save 20% !!!

  • The phrase on bookmark can not be customized, only the quote we choose as the BEST 
  • It is pre-order, allow 2 weeks for creating the bookmark! 
  • Coupon code is active works only with "Dead" bookmark
  • Coupon code is active till we announce the results of the contest

  xoxo, Olena Mysnyk, MyBookmark owner and designer! 


  • Aceili

    Cause of death: Trapped between pages.

  • Amber

    Here I lie in a forever slumber dreaming of my favorite book

  • cherry

    it’s sO cOld

  • Gargi

    Be fearless. If you don’t, at the end, you become the one from whom you’re scared.

  • Gargi

    " Let’s put a smile on that face" or “Why so serious?” -The Joker

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