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MyBookmark Gift Card - MYBOOKMARK
MyBookmark Gift Card - MYBOOKMARK MyBookmark Gift Card - MYBOOKMARK


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Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a MYBOOKMARK gift card.

Gift Card is delivered to an email you need (yours or your friend) and contain instructions to how to use it. Also you can print it and present as a real physical card.

It's perfect last minute gift, especially when you're not sure what person might like.

We have Gift Cards with the following nominal*:

$10 (partly a bookmark)

$25 ( 1 standard bookmark)

$30 ( 1 standard bookmark + international shipping)

$50 ( 2 standard bookmarks + international shipping)

$100 ( 4 standard bookmarks + international shipping)

*nominal explanation contains standard price of a bookmark as $25. Some of them cost more. Contact us if you need a Gift Card with special nominal like $27 or etc.

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